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This Teacher’s toolkit is designed to support teachers in using the History of the North East in 100 objects in the classroom.

This project tells the story of the creativity and innovation that springs from the North East, as told through a ‘virtual exhibition’ of 100 objects held by museums, galleries and archives across the North East. Some represent engineering or inventive firsts, some mark a creative person, and some have several stories to tell. All, however, demonstrate that the North East is a region which has seen incredible moments that have changed itself and the world!

The 100 objects teacher’s toolkit encourages use of the objects as inspiration for a range of work. The objects might inspire debate and discussion, or may be the focus of a visit. Having a discussion with the pupils about the objects can help them to think about their use, their history and more. The activities are intended to provide ideas of ways of incorporating the objects into lessons and activities in the classroom, but can also be used to generate ideas for engaging with the objects in person. Each activity is designed to be flexible so they can work with a number of objects. We have grouped the activities by curriculum area; however most objects and activities are cross-curricular.

You can download the whole pack of resources or specific sections.

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